First blog of the new year



It has been over a month since my last entry, but what a month it has been. Life in the Twitterverse is booming. Since the blog about celebrity retweets the following has doubled, it now stands at 1,164. This is far more than I thought I would get in a year, but in three months – wow! I came back to the blog because of the piece I wrote in November about Tiffany’s I think We’re Alone Now. By chance, the song reached number one in this week, 25 years ago (1988). My twitter posts all of the number ones each day from both the US and the UK charts. By chance Tiffany retweeted the entry.


In my first WordPress blog I outlined what UltChart (Ultimate Music Charts) was all about, but instead of promoting the Facebook application (which was the original intention) the blog went off topic.

I tried not to give too much information about the application before its launch as there is always a fear that some will copy your idea and publish ahead of you. The app features 5000 classic songs over 5 decades from 1960 to 2009. It is a simple voting application where the user is shown two songs (from the decade of their choice) and simply choose one or the other. The theory is that with enough votes the greatest songs of all time will rise to the top.

At present there are less than 50 users of the app 😦 but hopefully that will rise over the coming weeks.

The good news is that with Twitter feed sorted out and the Facebook application finally launched I should have more time to blog.

To finish off the blog I needed something positive,